How to watch HBO Go on Samsung smart TV

Watching HBO Go on a Samsung smart TV should be a simple task. This experience, however, can be tricky for some users, since video streaming service is not available on all devices. Without finding the HBO app in the TV apps store, you need to use other methods to get to see HBO Go programming.

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The simplest way to take advantage of this feature is by connecting the TV via HDMI to a notebook, logging in through the PC browser, and mirroring the screen on the television. Another way is to use a Chromecast, which, while also a good option, has a higher cost. Here's how to do this step-by-step via HDMI to get to watch HBO Go on your Samsung smart TV.

See the step by step how to watch HBO Go on Samsung smart TV

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How to Watch HBO Go via HDMI Cable

Step 1. Access HBO Go through the web browser and click "Login" to log in with your account;

Open HBO Go in the notebook

Step 2. On the page that opens, select the "I already have HBO" option;

Choose the Login option for your HBO Go account

Step 3. Enter your account information and choose "Continue";

I sign in with your HBO Go account

Step 4. Now that you're logged in, navigate HBO Go until you find the content you want to see;

Browse HBO Go and choose a movie or series

Step 5. After doing this, connect your TV's HDMI cable directly to your notebook or PC;

Connect the HDMI cable of your Samsung smart TV to the notebook

Step 6. To properly set up your Samsung smart TV, right-click on your PC screen and choose "Display Settings";

Step 7. On the "Settings" page, go to the "Multiple monitors" option and choose how you intend to use your TV - in this case, it is worthwhile to define "Duplicate these videos" so that the screen of the notebook and the have the same reproduction;

Choose how you plan to use the second screen

Ready. Now just give "play" to watch the series or movie you have chosen.

HBO Go on Playback on Samsung Notebook and Smart TV Simultaneously

How to watch HBO Go using Chromecast

If the user has the device at home, it is worth mentioning that the mirroring of the notebook screen on the Samsung smart TV can also be performed via Chromecast.

To find out what the step-by-step is, see also how to watch HBO GO programming on your Chromecast.