How to watch two matches of the 2018 World Cup at the same time on the PC

In the absence of a function to divide the screen of the TV, the computer can be an ally to follow two matches of World Cup 2018 at the same time. The simultaneous matches take place in the third round of the group stage of the tournament, as Brazil vs. Serbia and Switzerland vs. Costa Rica. These and other games will be broadcast live on Globoplay and SporTV Play, free services that allow you to track everything online through the PC. See in the tutorial how to use the desktop or notebook to watch two Cup games simultaneously.

How to watch two 2018 World Cup games at the same time on TV

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Windows side by side

Step 1. Access SporTV Play in the browser and sign in with your pay-TV account. The games of the Cup will always be highlighted. Open one of them to start the first live streaming. Another option is to use Globoplay, which does not require a previous registration to use.

Go to SporTV Play in the browser and log in with your cable TV data

Step 2. Next, open a new browser window. Give preference to the same program previously used to prevent a new login from being necessary. Go to SporTV Play or Globo Play and start playing the other game.

Open a new browser window to access SporTV Play or Globoplay again

Step 3. Use the "Windows + Arrow to Side" command to align the windows side by side on the computer.

Leave your browser windows side by side to watch both games


If one of the games of the moment is more important, it is possible to leave the other transmission in a floating window, similar to the Picture in Picture mode of the TV. If you use Google Chrome, open the second game through the Picture in Picture Viewer extension. In Firefox, you can open SporTV Play or Globoplay in miniature using the PiP Video plugin. The two features, however, only work in older versions of browsers - up to Chrome 57 and Firefox 56.

Use extensions to open SporTV Play and Globoplay in PiP mode

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