How to watch The Voice Brasil on Globoplay

Globoplay allows you to watch The Voice Brasil over the Internet on your cell phone or PC. The full-length video is posted a few hours after the live show ends and is available for free to all users - that is, you do not have to be a subscriber to access the content. The tip is useful for those who have not been able to follow the auditions on TV and want to have access to the full episode.

Check out, in the next step, how to watch The Voice Brasil 2018 on Globoplay through the computer and also on the smartphone. The procedure was performed in the iPhone app version (iOS), but the tips are also good for Android users.

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On the computer

Step 1. Go to the Globoplay website and click on the menu button in the upper left corner of the page;

Go to the Globoplay menu

Step 2. Then in the menu on the left, open "reality shows";

Open the reality shows section

Step 3. Now, click on "The Voice Brasil";

Access the videos of The Voice Brasil

Step 4. The last edit is displayed at the top of the screen. If you want to see the program from previous days, scroll the page until the desired day and click on the video;

Find the edition of The Voice Brazil that you want to see

Step 5. You need to sign in to your account by clicking "Sign In". If you do not have one, create one for free at "Sign Up". You can use your Facebook or Google data;

Log in to your account or create a free account

Step 6. After logging in, just give play and watch the video.

Play the video to watch the show

On the cellphone

Step 1. Open the Globoplay app on your mobile. If it's the first time, slide the screen sideways a few times and log in to your account or tap "Sign up for free" to create one;

Sign in to your account or sign up

Step 2. Open the application menu and go to the "Realities" section;

Open the reality shows section

Step 3. Then tap "The Voice Brasil". Finally, choose the day in the top bar and touch on the photo of the program to play in the video.

Accessing The Voice Brasil videos

Ready. Enjoy the tips and go to The Voice Brasil over the Internet on PC or mobile.

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