How to watch World Cup games live on the computer

The World Cup matches are live on Globoplay and Globosat Play services. Users need to log their accounts on these platforms so that online broadcasts and on demand content are released. In this way, the 2018 World Tournament can be viewed on the computer screen anywhere, such as at work or during a trip, provided there is a good quality connection to the internet.

Registration options on Globoplay are from a Facebook or Gmail account. Live streaming of the games is released to all users, but only subscribers have access to full programs. Still, the platform has several free content released.

At Globosat Play, pay-TV users can log in and watch live games via the paid SporTV channel. For this, your TV plan should contain the sports channel included. In addition to live matches, SporTV will display replays and highlights of World Cup matches.

How to watch 2018 World Cup games live and free in 4K

How to watch football games on the Globo Play cell phone

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On the Globoplay platform

Step 1. Access the portal and rest your mouse over the "Videos" link in the upper bar of the site;

Action to view the Globoplay button on portal

Step 2. In the menu that opens, choose the option "Globoplay";

Action to access the Globoplay platform through the globo portal

Step 3. When game broadcast is available, touch the play icon above the "Now on the Globe" message;

Action to start using the Globoplay platform on the PC

Step 4. Use a Facebook account or a Google account to access the live stream of the service;

Options for accessing the live broadcasts of the Globoplay platform via the PC

Step 5. After login the live stream will be started. To access special World Cup programs, point the mouse pointer at the top left corner of the screen and select "More Globoplay" at the top of the window;

Live broadcast of Rede Globo on Globoplay platform

Step 6. On the next page, click the arrow icon at the bottom of the screen;

Action to view Globo Rede programs on Globoplay online service

Step 7. Choose the "Sports" section to view all the sports programs available on Globoplay;

Action to access sports programs of Rede Globo through the Globoplay online platform

Step 8. Click on the program of the World Cup you want to watch;

Action to access a program about the World Cup in the Globoplay online service

Step 9. Just press the "Watch" button to start the video.

Action to watch a TV show about the World Cup online service Globoplay

On the Globosat Play platform

Step 1. Access the portal and rest the mouse pointer on the "Videos" option;

Action to view the Globosat Play entry button on portal

Step 2. Then select "Globosat Play"

Action to enter the Globosat Play platform through portal

Step 3. On the Globosat Play home page, select the "Make your Login" option;

Action to view login options on the Globosat Play platform

Step 4. Choose how you want to connect to the service. You can choose the login by or the operator, as we will show below;

Action to choose login on Globosat Play platform

Step 5. Check the icon of your cable TV operator;

Action to choose a cable TV operator to access videos from Globosat Play

Step 6. Enter the login and password used to access online services from the TV operator and confirm on "Enter";

Action to log on the video platform on demand Globosat Play

Step 7. In the top menu, click the "Channels" option;

Action to view the platform channels on demand Globosat Play

Step 8. Select the "SporTV" channel icon;

Action to access on-demand and live content related to the World Cup on the SporTV channel

Step 9. Press the play button above the phrase "Now on SporTV";

Action to start the live programming of the SporTV channel on the Globosat Play platform

Step 10. At this point the live broadcast of the game will begin on the screen. To search for programs about the World Cup, move the mouse pointer to the upper left corner of the screen and select "More SporTV";

Action to return to the home screen of the SporTV channel on the Globosat Play platform

Step 11. On the top bar, choose "FIFA World Cup" to continue;

Action to check contents of the Russian World Cup on the Globosat Play platform

Step 12. Rest the mouse pointer over a replay or better moments of a game and click on the "Play" button to play the video.

Action to start a replay or better moments of a World Cup game on the Globosat Play platform

Use the tips to avoid missing any details of the Russian World Cup.

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