How to write on top of an image in Word

Word lets you write texts about images without having to use advanced editing programs, such as Photoshop. When you insert an image file into Microsoft software, the user can insert a text box on top of the photo, expanding design options when formulating a rich document in illustrations. See in the following tutorial how to explore Word's ability to write over images without having to install other applications on your computer.

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Step 1. Access the "Insert" menu and select "Images" to include a photo stored on the computer in your Word document;

Insert an image into a Word document

Step 2. With the image already positioned in the document, return to the "Insert" menu, but this time, choose the "Text Box" option;

Access the Word text box tool

Step 3. Below the text box templates, check "Draw text box";

Draws a text box

Step 4. Use the mouse to draw a box the size of the image inserted in the document;

Create a text box of the image size in Word

Step 5. Click inside the text box and go to the "Format" tab of Word. Then press "Fill Form" and select "No Fill". The white background of the box will disappear and reveal the image underneath;

Remove the background color from the text box

Step 6. To eliminate the edges of the box, press the "Contour of the shape" option and select "No contour";

Delete the borders of the text box

Step 7. From there, you will have a transparent text box with the same dimensions as the image. Type normally and edit the text to get a photo with phrases entered.

Write text in the image border in Word

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