How to Write in Word Using Voice with Dictation Function

Word has a dictation function that allows you to write texts without typing. The little-known function uses Cortana's voice recognition to understand the user's speech rhythm and apply correct punctuation in sentences. The feature is available in Portuguese and, according to Microsoft, works best when you speak naturally.

The dictation tool is present in Word offered by Office 365, a subscription service that includes Excel, PowerPoint, and other office programs. Here's how to activate the function and use it to type without hands on the computer.

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Step 1. Open a Word document and click "File".

Access the Word File menu

Step 2. Select "Options" in the sidebar.

Access Word Options in Windows

Step 3. In the right column, click "Home" to expand the options and see if the item "Voice" is available.

Make sure the voice tool is active

Step 4. If the voice tool is not active, select the "All tabs" option in the left column and find the item inside "Homepage". Click "Add". At the end, click "Ok".

Activate the voice tool in Word

Step 5. Return to the document and see the dictation option in the top bar. Click to enable listening.

Turn on listening to Word

Step 6. Speak naturally to turn the voice into text. Click the microphone again to end the dictation.

Speak to type with your voice

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