Hungry Dragon: See how to download and play the successor of Hungry Shark

Hungry Dragon is the new game of Ubisoft for Android and iOS that follows the mold of Hungry Shark, game of shark that turned fever in the cellular. But this time the player controls a hungry dragon, whose aim is to devour everything he finds ahead, from animals to desperate villagers. Here's how to download, install and play the game, below:

How to make money in Hungry Shark Evolution game


Step 1. In the Google Play store, search for the name of the game;

Step 2. Click the game icon and select "Install" to start the download. Then tap "Open" to start the game.

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How to download Hungry Dragon on Android


Step 1. At the Apple Store, search for "Hungry Dragon";

Step 2. Tap the "Get" icon to download the game on your iPhone or iPad. Then click "Open" to start the game.

How to download Hungry Dragon on iOS

How to Play Hungry Dragon

Click "Play" to start the game. Hold and drag the left side of the screen to move the dragon on the map. Press and hold your finger on the right side of the screen to use turbo mode and accelerate.

In Hungry Dragon, eat nonstop to increase the multiplier and make points

Attack and devour animals, creatures and villagers to gain experience, money and starting points. However, be aware of the life bar in the upper right corner of the screen. Poisonous critters, arrows and other monsters that can do damage. Continue eating to fill the Hot Breath bar, an attack capable of burning victims and enemies.

Use the Hot Breath to burn victims and enemies in Hungry Dragon

As you level up, you can unlock other dragons for purchase as well as costumes and pets that will help you with various bonuses.

Use the coins to buy costumes or new species of dragons in Hungry Dragon

Unlock new dragons

Reach the maximum level of a dragon to unlock another dragon. Some creatures and parts of the map are only available for certain species of dragons, which are classified by letters. To know which one to use, pay attention to the letter that appears on the screen (xS, S, M, L or xL).

Level up to unlock other dragon species in Hungry Dragon

Complete the objectives

The game has goals that yield money and other bonuses. There are also cooperative matches where all contributing players receive rewards. You can also watch advertisements to release new goals or mark the location of bonuses on the map.

Complete the missions to earn double the coins in Hungry Dragon

Search for chests

The game offers five chests a day. They are scattered across the map. Find them before the time runs out to make money and gems.

Search for the five daily chests in Hungry Dragon

Shoot eggs and use mascots.

There are also eggs dotted around the map that give birth to pets with different abilities. Use the incubator to shock them and equip one of the creatures in the main menu. The pets are divided by categories (energy, speed, punctuation, defense and special).

Shoot the eggs to gain new pets in Hungry Dragon

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