iCasei: how to confirm presence in marriage

iCasei has a function that allows you to confirm your presence in a marriage. In addition to the area for confirmation of exclusive presence for guests, the platform also offers online gift lists and more resources within a site with information about the event.

After creating the site, the grooms can share it on social networks with the guests. To learn how to create a website and use the RSVP tool, check out the following tutorial.

iCasei: How to Create a Wedding Gift List

Tutorial shows how to create a website and use the tool to confirm presence in a wedding with iCasei

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How to create a website in iCasei

Step 1. Open the website and press the "Free Trial" button in the upper right corner of the screen;

Action to open the iCasei site registration screen

Step 2. Use a Facebook account or complete personal data with your name, email, and password. For this example, we'll use the "Sign in with Facebook" option;

Action to register on the iCasei website

Step 3. Enter the name of the groom / bride and the person's e-mail. Then press the "Continue" button;

Action to define the name of the bride / groom when creating an account on the site iCasei

Step 4. Set the wedding date and check the website URL created by iCasei for the event. To proceed, click the "Continue" button;

Action to set the wedding date and view the website URL created for the event by the iCasei site

Step 5. At this point, the site was created using the information defined so far. However, the platform allows you to customize the virtual environment of the wedding. In the service home screen that you've been redirected to, go to the "Pages" section in the right-hand corner of the screen, which is under the "Your Site" options;

Action to check site pages created by iCasei for a wedding

Step 6. Site pages will be listed. You can access the three-point icon next to each name and use options to edit, rename, view, and disable the page. For this example, we chose the "Religious Ceremony" page and use the "Edit Page" option. In this way, we can define the place of marriage. If the event has a fraternization, make the same edition with the page "Festa";

Actions to manage the pages of a wedding site created by the iCasei online service

Step 7. To advance, press the "Tell them" button;

Action to start the page defining the religious ceremony of a wedding using the iCasei online service

Step 8. Define the information and description about the ceremony and add a photo of the venue if necessary. Then in "Location", enter the address where the event will take place and select the corresponding result;

Action to define a description and location information of a religious ceremony on the iCasei site

Step 9. Use the blue pointer on the map to manually set the location where the ceremony will take place;

Action to define on the map the location of the religious ceremony of a wedding through the iCasei website

Step 10. You can keep the "Add weather forecast" option active so that the page shows what the weather will look like on the day of the event. To proceed, press the "Save" button;

Weather forecast information will be added to the religious ceremony page on the iCasei website

Step 11. Use the other options in the "Your Site" area to add photo albums, polls, slideshows, songs. The operation of these options follows the same previous example of editing shown above.

Other options for editing a wedding site in the iCasei online service

How to confirm presence at a wedding through the iCasei website

Step 1. When accessing the online portal of a wedding for which you have been invited, press the "Skip Intro" button to view event information;

Action to skip the introduction of a wedding site created with the iCasei online service

Step 2. Rest the mouse pointer over the "Pages" option and press "Presence Confirmation";

Action to access the page to confirm presence at a wedding on the iCasei website

Step 3. The guest will need to provide your name, tell you if you will be at the wedding, how many people you will bring, and enter contact information. To confirm, simply press the "Confirm" button. The confirmations will be displayed in the iCasei user panel for the newlyweds.

Action to confirm presence in a marriage by the site created in the iCasei online service

Enjoy the tips to publicize your wedding and receive the list of people who attend the event.

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