iCasei: How to Create a Wedding Gift List

iCasei is a marriage management platform, which is also available as an app for Android and iPhone (iOS). The site allows grooms to create a list of gifts to facilitate contact with guests at the time of commemoration. iCasei has tools to list products by categories, stipulate values, and even create participation quotas so that friends and family can collaborate with different amounts until the total money of an item is reached.

The money raised is transferred to the user of the site in up to three months with the discount regarding the use of the platform. The fare can be paid by the grooms or by a small percentage for each contribution made by the guests. ICasei also offers subscription plans that release extra features for users. To learn how to use iCasei to create an online wedding gift list, check out the following tutorial.

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iCasei: How to Create a Wedding Gift List

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Step 1. Go to the site (icasei.com.br) and press the button "Create your wedding list";

Action to start a wedding list on the iCasei website

Step 2. Use a Facebook account or email address for a quick registration on the site;

Action to start a user registration on the iCasei website

Step 3. Choose one of the site plans. For this example, we will use the option "Test for 10 days";

Action to choose one of the iCasei site plans

Step 4. Enter the name of the bride / groom, inform the person's email (optional) and tick the "Continue" button;

Action to set the bride and groom on during a registration on the iCasei site

Step 5. Set the wedding date and check the address of the website that will be created for the platform. Press the "Continue" button to continue;

Action to set the date and view the address of a wedding site created in the iCasei service

Step 6. On the management page, go to the "Cash gifts" option in the left sidebar;

Action to start creating a new wedding list on the iCasei website

Step 7. Define the data on how to pass the fee charged by iCasei and how the products purchased on the site will be displayed. Scroll to view more options;

Action to configure the settings for transfer of money and products purchased in iCasei

Step 8. Under "Filters, " define how the products will appear in the list. In the "Ordering" option, choose whether the products will be sorted according to price. To save your preferences, press the "Save my settings" button in the page footer;

Options for filtering and sorting products in a wedding list created on the iCasei website

Step 9. On the terms screen, after reading the service clauses, check "I have read and accept the terms";

Screen to accept the terms of service offered by iCasei website

Step 10. In the options on the left side of the screen, go to "Edit list";

Action to access the edit page of a wedding list description on the iCasei website

Step 11. Set your description to the list and press the button with calendar icon in the upper left of the screen;

Action to define a description for a wedding list from iCasei site

Step 12. At this point, go to the "Add products" option, below the description of your list;

Action to Add Products to a Wedding List from iCasei Website

Step 13. The site offers suggestions for ready lists. To choose one of them, just click on their names. This action adds all related products and their due values. Scroll to view more options;

Action to add products to a wedding list created in the iCasei online service

Step 14. "Option Two" offers categories of products and travel. You can even choose cash donations for the wedding list;

Options for product categories and travel for iCasei wedding list

Step 15. By clicking on some suggestions the products are automatically added to your list. You can remove, add other items and edit values;

List of products added to a wedding list from iCasei website

Step 16. Press the calendar icon in the upper left corner of the screen to save the list on the wedding website;

Action to access the wedding list page of the iCasei website

Step 17. The top menu displays the options for editing the site, accessing the portal and the list management screen. If you'd like to share your list, click to view the site and copy the address to paste into social networking posts or messenger chats. Press the home icon to access your dashboard;

Action to edit, view and share your wedding list through iCasei website

Step 18. This screen displays data about the site and the list, such as amounts collected, confirmed guests, messages, and site visits. Follow the people who bought the product quotas in your list here.

Panel screen that shows values ​​collected in a wedding list from the iCasei website

Take advantage of the tips to organize and send your wedding list to friends and family using the iCasei website.

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