IFood coupon: how to find and register discount voucher

IFood, one of the most popular food delivery services today, allows you to include a discount coupon during the order. Vouchers can offer several types of advantages, such as free delivery or reduction of the price of the meal, always being a good alternative to save money. However, regardless of the offer, the codes are only valid for online payments, those listed in the "Pay for the app" section.

The delivery application distributes promotional vouchers in a variety of ways - through social networks, email, and within the app itself. In this guide, TechTudo teaches you four ways to find discount codes for orders in iFood. The steps were performed on a Moto G5S Plus mobile running Android 7.1.1 Nougat, but the procedure is the same for other versions of Android as well as for the iPhone (iOS).

See how to find and register a discount coupon on iFood

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1. Coupon Sites

The most efficient way to find discount codes on iFood is through websites and coupon applications. Cuponomia, CupoNation, Pelando and Méliuz are some platforms that offer offers for food delivery.

The main tip to take advantage of the deals is to be quick. That's because coupons have a limit on the number of users - that is, if you arrive too late, the code will already be invalid. Access services in the early hours of the day and, if possible, set specific iFood alerts within apps.

Cumophone sites and apps offer discount codes for iFood

2. In-app notifications

When there is a discount coupon applicable to the user, iFood sends push notifications informing the offer. An extra trick in this direction is to include an order in the cart, but not to complete the purchase immediately; after some time, the application usually offers free coupon delivery to motivate the customer to complete the purchase.

Discount coupons in iFood informed by the app itself

To ensure the app goes to send promotions and coupons, go to Settings and select "Manage notifications". Make sure the "General Warnings" and "News" keys are enabled and, if they are not, activate them.

Activation of offer notifications and discount coupons in iFood

3. Official Email

IFood also sends you emails with offers and discount codes. Usually the messages arrive in the inbox, but it is always valid to check other sections, such as the spam box, updates and promotions. Carefully read the conditions of use of the coupon, and especially the date it expires.

IFood e-mails with discount voucher

Like notifications, matches are personalized according to the account profile. If you live in São Paulo, the service will not send a valid coupon to Rio de Janeiro, for example.

4. Social Networks

IFood has Facebook page, Twitter profile and YouTube channel. It is valid to follow the three social networks to ensure that you are not missing any voucher. However, the food ordering app is more active on Facebook, where promotions are actually being advertised.

When following a profile, make sure it is the official iFood channel, looking for the corresponding validation seal of the social network. There are a number of pages and accounts of the same name that will not, at best, fetch real coupons - and, at worst, can link scams with fake offers.

iFood releases discount coupons for social networks, especially Facebook

It is interesting to note that even on Facebook, the platform is not so present to release discount coupons. It's much easier to get promotional code on specialized sites and notifications than on an official post on the networks. However, the page advertises several promotions that do not require a coupon, so it is worth tasting to save money when ordering food.

How to book a coupon

Step 1. After choosing your dish in the restaurant, tap the "View Bag" button. Just below the order value there is the field "Discount coupon". Tap "Add".

Discount Coupon Include Button on iFood Tote Bag

Step 2. Tap "Apply", just below the question "Do you have a coupon code?". Enter the voucher code and click the "Add" button. It will be included if it obeys the rules of use (if valid, applicable to location and date, etc).

IFood app discount coupon code registration

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