IGTV: How to access Instagram TV on mobile and the Web

IGTV can be accessed on the web, on the iPhone (iOS) and on Android phones. Known as "Instagram TV, " the service creates a video channel where users can post content up to ten minutes long. On the mobile, the platform is available through an icon in the Instagram app or through the exclusive IGTV application. Already by the desktop browser, the access path is by the Instagram web, which brings all the videos posted by the user.

Check out the following tutorial on how to download and use Instagram's IGTV through your computer and smartphone.

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Tutorial shows how to access Instagram's IGTV via the web and mobile phone

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How to download IGTV

In the App Store

Step 1. Open the App Store in the search tool, type IGTV and tap "Search" on the iPhone's virtual keyboard;

Action to fetch the IGTV App from the App Store

Step 2. Touch the "Download" icon to download and install the application.

Action to download IGTV from Instagram on the App Store

On Google Play

Step 1. Open Google Play, tap the search bar and type "IGTV". Then tap the button with a magnifying glass icon on the phone's virtual keyboard;

Action to search IGTV on Google Play

Step 2. Touch the "IGTV Instagram" icon. Once this is done, select "Install" in the next window to download and install the application.

Action to download and install the IGTV app on Android

How to open IGTV within Instagram

Step 1. Open Instagram and tap the IGTV icon in the upper right corner of the screen to access the platform. You can browse suggested videos or followers. Then touch your profile photo;

Action to access IGTV by the Instagram application

Step 2. Your IGTV videos are displayed and can be played after being selected. In addition, the "+" button allows you to make new video posts.

Action to view videos from an IGTV user profile

How to open IGTV by application

Step 1. Open the application and tap on your user name in Instagram to access the platform. You can browse through the suggested videos and followers. To access your profile, touch the thumbnail of your photo;

Action to access IGTV in the platform application

Step 2. You can check your videos on the platform by selecting them with a touch of the screen or post new content using the "+" button.

Videos from an Instagram IGTV user channel

How to use IGTV on PC

Step 1. Open Instagram web through the PC browser and click the avatar icon to access your profile;

Path to access the Instagram user profile on the web

Step 2. Access the "IGTV" tab of your profile;

Action to access Instagram's IGTV via the Web

Step 3. Your videos on the platform are displayed in card format. To post videos via PC, just select "Upload". If you'd like to watch one of the videos on the channel, click on its covers to continue;

Action to view IGTV videos by Instagram on the web

Step 4. Videos are played on the web.

IGTV videos viewed by Instagram on the web

Enjoy tips for using the video platform on your PC or smartphone.

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