iLovePDF: How to Convert, Compress, Reorder, and Split Documents

ILovePDF is a free online editor capable of manipulating and editing PDF files. Among the available functions is the conversion of files to the format of Microsoft Word, tool of the Office package, that allows to modify the text. You can also compress documents to decrease size, join and sort pages, and even split a file for creating separate PDFs.

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iLovePDF lets you make multiple changes to the PDF files

The platform is useful for students, for example, who can optimize the tasks from the practicality of the tools. The procedure is simple and intuitive in order to save time on document modifications in this format. In addition, the editor is compatible with the main browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer. Check out, in the following tutorial, how to use the main functions of the iLovePDF website.

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Convert PDF to Word

Step 1. From the iLovePDF home page, choose "PDF for Word";

iLovePDF allows you to convert PDF to Word

Step 2. Click "Select PDF File" and choose the document stored on the PC;

Select the files on the computer that will be converted to iLovePDF

Step 3. Press the "Convert to Word" button at the bottom of the screen to start the conversion;

Convert PDF file to Word in iLovePDF

Step 4. Finally, click on "Download Word" to download the file in .docx format.

Download the converted PDF file to Word in iLovePDF

Compress the size

Step 1. From the iLovePDF splash screen, choose "Compress PDF";

Click the option to compress PDFs in iLovePDF

Step 2. Go to "Select PDF file" and choose the document stored on the computer;

Set PDF files that will be compressed by iLovePDF

Step 3. Set the compression level and touch "Compress PDF". It is worth remembering that the higher the compression, the lower the final quality of the file;

iLovePDF allows to select the level of compression, fundamental for final quality of the file

Step 4. The site displays the compression percentage and document size after reduction. Press "Download Enhanced PDF" to download.

Download the compressed file by iLovePDF

Merge documents

Step 1. On the start page of the site, choose "Add PDF";

Select the option to merge PDFs into the iLovePDF site

Step 2. Click "Select PDF Files" and choose the documents stored on the computer to be merged;

Determine the files that will be merged in ILovePDF

Step 3. The selected items will appear in a panel and you, you can sort them as you prefer. To do this, simply click and drag a page to the desired position. Finally, click the "Add PDF" button at the bottom of the screen;

iLovePDF allows you to merge and sort files as you want

Step 4. Go to "Download the combined PDF" to download the file.

Download the merged file in iLovePDF

Split pages into different files

Step 1. Choose "Split PDF" from the iLovePDF home page;

Choose to split PDFs on the iLovePDF homepage

Step 2. Click "Select PDF File" and indicate the document to be divided;

Choose from the computer files the items to be divided by iLovePDF

Step 3. You can separate the pages in two ways. The "Split by intervals" option pulls all pages within the range you want and gathers them in single document. In the example below, a PDF with pages 1 to 3 will be created. Click "Split PDF" to do the separation;

iLovePDF allows you to select page interval for dividing

Step 4. With the "Extract all pages" option you can create a separate PDF for each page. You should also click "Split PDF" to proceed.

iLovePDF allows you to separate all the pages of a file, with a unique PDF for each

Step 5. At the end, go to "Download Split PDF" to save the files.

At the end, download the separate PDFs from iLovePDF

Ready. Enjoy the tips, explore iLovePDF and turn your PDF whenever you want.

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