Instagram hacked? Here's how to verify accesses in your mobile account

The Instagram application allows users to verify all accesses made to their account. Available on the Web, iPhone (iOS) and Android-based smartphones, the feature displays the dates and times of recent account accesses. That way, just check if the entries were made by you or if there is some login not done on your devices.

When you check dates and find improper access to your account, quickly initiate security procedures to ensure your data, photos, and videos are not stolen or deleted. In these cases, we indicate the password change to prevent the person from maintaining access to the profile. Check out the tutorial to learn how to identify intrusions in your Instagram account.

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Tutorial shows how to check logins in your Instagram account

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Step 1. Open Intagram and touch the avatar icon in the lower-right corner of the screen to access your profile. On the next page, touch the gear icon if you're using an iPhone. In Android, this option is represented by a three-dot icon in the upper right corner;

Action to access the settings of an Instagram profile

Step 2. Go to "Account details". At this point, tap the "View all" button under the "Logins" option. If required, re-login to your account;

Action to check logins on an Instagram account via mobile

Step 3. The most recent logins will be displayed on the screen and you can tap the "See More" button to check other dates. After that, check if there is any strange login or date that you did not access your Instagram for a new device. If you find something out of the ordinary, start the procedure to change your password and break down the attacker's access.

Logins data verified from the Instagram application

Use the hint to manually check for any security flaws in your Instagram account.

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