Instagram: How to download Stories featured on the PC

You can download the Instagram Stories featured in the friends profile by PC with an online tool. Similar to services that download YouTube videos, the Zasasa platform needs the profile link to identify and download stories at three different resolutions. However, you can only download one stories at a time in each of the featured group recognized by the site, since Zasasa offers only the option to save the highlights separately.

In addition to downloading featured stories from friends, the tool can also be used to download highlights from your own profile. In this way, the site can be used as a way to back up important stories from your Instagram. To learn how to use the platform and download highlights from a friend or public person profile on Instagram, follow the tutorial below.

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Step 1. In the Instagram web, access the profile of the person who wants to download the highlights. Then select the URL of the page and copy it;

Action to copy an Instagram web profile address

Step 2. Open a new tab and go to the Zasasa site ( Paste the Instagram profile URL into the search bar on the main page of the site. To continue, select "Download";

Action to prepare the download of the highlights of an Instagram profile through the site Sasaza

Step 3. The tool will display different links to download the featured stories. Each address shows the dimensions of the videos that will be opened. To proceed, select the link with the resolution of your choice;

Action to open featured stories in the browser to download to PC

Step 4. The story will be played on the screen. To choose the download option, right click on the scene and choose the "Save Video As" option;

Action to prepare the download of an Instagram stories with the Sasaza site

Step 5. Enter a name for the file, choose a place on the PC to save it and confirm the download in "Save".

Action to download a featured stories in Instagram using the Sasaza service

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