Instagram: how to post old photo in Stories with the function 'In this Day'

Instagram allows users to share their memories on the platform in new Stories posts. With the On This Day feature, the photo network offers daily the possibility to share with friends previous year's posts, as well as the same name function of Facebook. In this way, it is possible to recall important moments and make them available again in the photo network for 24 hours in Stories mode.

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The feature is present in the iPhone app (iOS) and Android phones. The shared keeps a link in the stories that takes you to the original post in the user profile. Here's how to share your memories on Instagram.

Instragram has function to share memories in Stories mode

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Step 1. Open Instagram and touch the avatar icon in the lower-right corner of the screen. Then touch the clock icon in the upper left corner to access the archived items page;

Action to access the Archived Items page in Instagram

Step 2. Your memories appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap the "Share" button to have the post sent to the composing screen for a new story. At that point, add cards and texts and press the "Your Story" button to share the memento.

Action to share a reminder of an Instagram profile

Use the tip to reminisce about your most interesting moments in photos and videos shared on Instagram.

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