Instagram: How to prevent them from sharing their posts in Stories

The new Instagram feature that lets you share posts in Stories may displease users who do not want their content republished. The feature can be locked in app settings, whether on iPhone (iOS) or Android. The function reuses any publication of common profiles or tags to create a story. While novelty is important to businesses, it can be a nuisance to people.

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By default, private social network profiles can not have shared posts in friends' stories. Already open accounts, although they have the feature turned on by default, can disable such remailing of photos and videos from the personal feed. See in the tutorial how to configure the app to prevent friends from using your Stories posts.

Step 1. Tap the account menu on the Instagram home page and access the settings;

Access profile settings in Instagram

Step 2. If the profile is not private, the list of options will display the "Allow others to share again" item enabled. Turn off the key to prevent re-posting of your Stories publications.

Prevent others from republishing your Stories posts

Ready. Use the tips and restrict the posting of your Instagram posts to third-party Stories.

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