Instagram: how to put link in bio for hashtags and other profiles

Instagram now allows users to add hashtags and mark other profiles in their biographies. The feature, which is available on the iPhone app (iOS) and Android phones, lets you add the links in the profile as they do in regular posts. It is possible to include several hashtags and links in the bio as long as the limit of 150 characters is respected.

The feature is ideal for people who wish to link their profile with profiles of friends or with words in the network of photos in order to gain more followers. For commercial accounts, the links may help in publicizing public persons or partner brands. Check out the following tutorial on how to use hashtags and mark other profiles in your Instagram biography.

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Tutorial shows how to add hashtags and mark other profiles in an Instagram biography

Step 1. Access your profile in Instagram by the avatar icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Then click on the "Edit profile" option;

Path to access the tool for editing a profile in Instagram

Step 2. Tap your current biography so that it opens in edit mode. Now use the old game character (#) to enable writing of hashtags. Define one or more hashtags that you want to use;

Action to add hashtags to Instagram profile biographies

Step 3. Type at sign to enable the Mark Profiles option. Enter the name of a valid profile and touch the matching result so that it is added. You can repeat this procedure with other profiles, as shown in the image below;

Method to mark bio profile is similar to that made in comments and photo captions

Step 4. Make sure your biography does not exceed the character limit and touch "Finish". Then touch "Finish" again to close the profile editing screen;

Action to save a biography of Instagram with hashtags and marked profiles

Step 5. The biography with marked hashtags and profiles will appear next to confirm the change made.

Instagram biography with hashtags and marked profiles

Take the tip to have on your profile links to other posts related to a hashtag and other marked profiles.

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