Instagram: how to share stories in which you were mentioned

Instagram now lets you share a story in which you've been tagged in your own Stories. When mentioned, you receive a direct notification about the markup, accompanied by a share button. The shared story is displayed as an adhesive on the platform, allowing the image to be resized and repositioned on the screen.

Available in the iPhone app (iOS) and Android phones, the function retains the avatar and the name of the user that made the mark in the new post. In this way, it is possible to know the original author of the shared publication. Here's how to use the feature to share stories you've been tagged with on Instagram.

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Step 1. When marked, a direct message is sent to indicate the mention. Touch the unread message icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. Then, access the message to see the markup;

Action to access a direct message that shows a mention in Instagram stories

Step 2. A story thumbnail is displayed in the message, accompanied by a button labeled "Add this to your story". Touch this phrase to continue. Once this is done, the story will appear ready for sharing. You can use stickers, insert texts and a new markup if you want. To end the procedure, touch "Your Story."

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Take the tip to show your friends the Stories a friend has tagged you with.

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