Instagram: How to use filters to find messages in direct

Instagram has a direct message filtering feature. The feature, initially only available for iPhone (iOS), lets you filter search results to find unread conversations or those that have been flagged as important. In addition, the feature is also useful for people who do not remember the name of a user they talked to via the message, since you do not have to type anything to use the search filters. To find out how to find hidden directs among the other messages, check out the tutorial below how to use the Instagram search filters.

How to customize Instagram Highlights icon

How to view Instagram Direct messages from the PC

Step 1. Open Instagram and touch the arrow icon in the upper right corner of the screen to access the direct messages. Then touch the settings icon inside the message search bar to find the filters;

Action to view filters for Instagram direct messages

Step 2. The filters provided by Instagram are "unread" and "starred". Touch the first to find messages that have not been viewed. To return to the other filter options, touch the settings icon again;

Path to filter unread message search results in Instagram Direct

Step 3. Touch the "Starred" filter to find the messages you've marked as important.

Action for finding starred messages in Instagram Direct

Use the hint to take more advantage of Instagram Direct and quickly find messages you want answered in your inbox.

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