Instagram name tag: see how to use to follow someone

The new Instagram Name Tag function allows users to create QR codes to advertise their profiles on the web. Released after a series of tests, the feature makes it possible to find other profiles of the social network when reading the codes by the Instagram camera. The application then displays a user card with quick actions to follow or visit the profile.

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The codes can be scanned from printed leaflets, company merchandise or from the PC screen itself or cell phone. The feature is available to all iPhone users (iOS) and Android phone with the updated app. See the following tutorial for three ways to read Instagram user codes.

Tutorial shows how to read user name tags from Instagram

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How to read Name Tag by Instagram Camera

Step 1. Access your profile in Instagram and touch the three bars icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Then go to the "Name Tag" option;

Action to access the Instagram name tag option

Step 2. Touch the "Read name tag" option in the lower area of ​​the screen. So just use the camera to frame an open source on your computer or in a printed informational. Use the corner markings to set the correct framing of the image, as shown in the print below;

Action to read a name tag using the Instagram camera

Step 3. The name tag directs you to a user presentation card where you can follow the account or visit the profile on Instagram.

Action to follow or visit a person's profile using a name tag

How to read Saved Name Tag on Mobile

Step 1. Re-access the "Name Tag" option and touch the square in the upper right corner of the screen. Then select the image with name tag that is saved in the mobile library;

Action to open an Instagram name tag saved in the mobile library

Step 2. The name tag will be recognized by the application system and the user's presentation card will be displayed on the screen.

Renamed name tag through an image in the mobile phone library

How to read Name Tag by Instagram Search

In addition to the methods taught above, you can also access the name tag reading camera from the Instagram Explore tab. To do this, touch the search icon located on the bottom bar, then press the square next to the search bar to open the camera and read a new name tag.

Action to open the camera that reads Instagram name tag by the search screen

Use the hint to add people without having to visit their profiles on Instagram.

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