Instagram polls do not appear? Here's how to enable the feature

Instagramp's Stories poll does not appear for everyone. This is because story feature updates do not reach the entire user base at once. Some do not have access to GIFs, others can not use letters with different fonts and, with each update, a group is left without the news released.

Updating the application or the system of the mobile phone or trying to access your account by another smartphone will not solve: the "error" is from the user's own account. The official solution is to report a problem to Instagram and then wait for the update to arrive. The good news is that there is a trick that lets you post the poll sticker through Instagram - or use other features that do not appear on your phone - without resorting to third-party apps.

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How to make a poll in Instagram Stories

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Step 1. Create a new account on Instagram. To do this, you need to move your current application account and go to the home page to find the registration option. Then, just fill out the personal data required by Instagram;

Action to create a new account on Instagram

Step 2. After the new account is created, it will appear next to your "official" account in the lower left corner of the screen. Just press the icon with the profile photo to access the newly registered profile;

Change accounts on Instagram

Step 3. In the new account, go to the Stories screen and simulate a post. At the time of editing, click the sticker icon in the upper right corner to access the stickers. Then select the poll;

Simulate the edition of an Instagram Stories, using the poll

Step 4. Place your smartphone in airplane mode. On Android phones, the setting can be accessed through the Quick Settings Menu. On iPhones (iOS), offline mode is located in Control Center;

Enabling Android Airplane Mode

Step 5. This Stories is just a test, so it is not necessary to post it. Tap the X in the upper left corner and in the following dialog box choose to discard the post;

No need to post Stories

Step 6. Go back to your official account and go to the Stories screen. When you prepare your post, touch the sticker icon again;

Go back to your official account and edit the Instagram stories

Step 7. When you are editing, the polls feature will appear! Do not forget to take airplane mode at the time of posting.

Now the polls are in your Instagram account!

But beware: the feature does not stay there forever. You need to activate it by following these steps whenever you want to use it in your Stories.

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