Instagram releases polls for Direct conversations; see how to use

The Instagram released on Tuesday (14) the use of polls in Direct conversations for all users. Available in the iPhone app (iOS) and Android smartphones, the feature comes as an alternative to exposure generated with public polls. When you send a poll to a person or in-app conversation group, users receive responses from only known profiles or who have already interacted by direct message.

Therefore, the feature is ideal for flirting, asking about your look for friends or just for fun creating curious polls. For businesses, the ability to create polls with customers can drive results in product launches or promotions. To learn how to create a direct message poll from Instagram Direct, check out the tutorial we have prepared.

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Step 1. Open Instagram and touch the blue icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Then click the camera icon next to the conversation you want to respond with a poll;

Action to open the camera to send a direct message to an Instagram contact

Step 2. Take a photo or video using the button at the bottom of the screen. With the media ready, touch the figurine icon at the top of the screen;

Action to open the picture options for a photo in Instagram Direct

Step 3. Touch the "Poll" option and set the question you want to ask. Then touch "Finish" to insert the picture into the picture;

Action to set a poll in an Instagram Direct conversation

Step 4. Add filters and other options on the image. To send it by message, click on the avatar of the contact at the bottom of the screen;

Action to send a poll to an Instagram contact by direct

Step 5. Once the person answers, an alert will be sent to your smartphone. At this point, open the message screen again and tap the conversation where you sent the question. The answer appears at the bottom of the chat, as highlighted in the image below.

Action to view a response to a poll in Instagram Direct

Use the tip whenever you want to interact with polls involving your Instagram friends.

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