Instagram saves the history of biographies used in your profile; check out

Instagram lets you view the history of biographies used in the profile. Available only in the PC version of the social network, the function is little known and ideal for those who want to use a personal description again, but do not remember exactly the original text. When accessing the history, you can copy the bio and use it again during an update of the description. The registration is part of the platform's new tool, created so that the user knows exactly what personal data he shares with the social network.

To find out how to find all texts used as biography in your Instagram account, check out the following tutorial.

Instagram on PC: everything you can do by computer

Instagram Web wins notification center

Step 1. Access the Instagram Web and touch the avatar icon in the upper right corner of the screen;

Access the Instagram user profile via the web

Step 2. At this point, click the gear icon in the profile;

Proceed to Instagram Web Settings

Step 3. Access the "Privacy and security" option;

Access Instagram Web privacy and security settings

Step 4. Under "Account data", click on the phrase in blue "View account details";

Opt to see data from an Instagram web account

Step 5. In "Previous Biography Texts", touch the "See All" option;

View the history of biographies of an Instagram profile through the web

Step 6. At this point, the texts used as biography in your profile will be displayed on the screen. To find all the history, touch "See more" to see the whole history.

Check out the biographies used in an Instagram profile

Ready. Take the tip to restore your profile description with Instagram Web.

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