Instagram Stories does not load? See troubleshooting tips

Instagram Stories can sometimes display the "Can not upload" message when it fails to post the post. The error can be caused by several reasons, and not being able to post photos and videos irritates the users a lot.

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The list of reasons for loading problems in Stories is extensive. So if you are one of those who are having difficulty posting photos or videos, check below what might be causing the crash and see how to solve it.

How to make Stories on Instagram

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1. Correct formatting

Instagram has restrictions for videos posted on Stories. The file must have a maximum of 15 MB and preferably be in MP4. The .MOV format is not supported by the application. Recording must also be up to 60 seconds long, maximum 1080 pixels wide, and 30 frames per second or less. Make sure your video complies with these conditions before attempting to upload again.

2. Terms of use

Contents that violate Instagram's terms of use may also not be loaded. If the video you are trying to post has sex, nudity, or violence scenes, it is possible for the app to identify the nature of the image before it even appears.

Other violations of the terms may result in deletion of the Story - and even the account - after posting. These include posts with harassment and defamation to third parties, breach of privacy, hate speech or disrespect to the right of image.

Content that violates Instagram's terms of use may be removed or may generate an error while loading

3. Connecting to the Internet

It may seem like the most obvious tip in the world, but sometimes the mobile Internet data packet ends and the user does not notice. If this happens and you are without Wi-Fi, of course the video will give error at the time of being uploaded.

Make sure your mobile data is enabled on Android or iPhone. If you use the Google system, it is worth switching the 4G over 3G to avoid spending credits.

Internet connection via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G network should be working to post on Stories

4. Clear cache

Clearing the Instagram cache can resolve the upload bug. Android has a mechanism to perform the task in the settings, but the iPhone (iOS) does not. In the case of the Apple product, it is necessary to uninstall the application and then install again. Users of the Google system can follow the steps below.

Step 1. Enter the "Configure" menu, go to the "Device" section and select "Applications";

Path to Android app settings

Step 2. Locate Instagram in the list of apps and tap on it. Then enter "Storage";

Access Instagram storage settings on Android phone

Step 3. Now just touch the "Clear cache" button. Note that the memory will be empty, which can impact the operation of the app.

Instagram cache cleaning on Android

5. Restart the application

Restarting a program is a cliché as well as effective option to correct strange operating problems. This goes for your computer, your cell phone and also your apps. So close Instagram on the iPhone by sliding the screen to the left or, if it is on Android, force the application to stop.

Then re-open Instagram and try to post Story. If you continue uploading by giving error, turn the smartphone off and on and redo the test.

Force Instagram stop can fix app problems on Android

6. Instagram app update

App updates often bring bug fixes. If the loading error is occurring due to a possible incompatibility, upgrading Instagram may eliminate the problem. The procedure, taught in detail in the tutorial, is done through the App Store, iPhone, and Play Store, on Android.

Updating the Instagram app on the Google Play Store

7. Battery saving mode

The battery saving mode reduces consumption by precisely restricting the operation of the applications. This is even more pronounced on Android, but the change in behavior can also hit the Apple smartphone.

To get around this, turn off economy mode while trying to post your Stories. The procedure changes according to the manufacturer of the phone. On the iPhone, go to "Settings", enter the "Battery" option and turn off the "Low power mode" switch.

Disabling low-power mode on iPhone

On pure Android phones, the tool is in the "Configure" menu, also inside the "Battery" item. There you will have the field "Battery saving" which, when opened, will give access to the activation and deactivation key.

Turn off battery saving mode on Android

8. Inconsistency between accounts

Evaluate your Instagram logins, both in the app and in the mobile browser. If you are logged in with an email other than what you are using in Instagram, the app will not allow you to post to either Stories or the feed. Simply remove Instagram with the "wrong" account so that the error is remedied.

9. Post from gallery

Step 1. A simple trick is to post the photo or video from the gallery of the cell phone. Even if the exact pitch changes according to the apparatus, the procedure is more or less the same. Open the image in the gallery, tap the share button and select "Stories";

Instagram Stories direct gallery image sharing option

Step 2. Make the edits you want and post by tapping the "Your Story" button.

Instagram Story Publishing from the Mobile Gallery

10. Report a technical problem

Step 1. If none of the above solutions worked out, report the problem to Instagram. Enter the profile tab, touch the main menu and select "Settings";

Access to Instagram settings via the Android app

Step 2. Scroll down to the "Support" section and enter "Report a problem." In the dialog that appears, select this option again. Then describe your problem and preferably add screenshots so that technical support understands what the error is about. Press the "check" button to send the report and wait until the team contacts or the failure stops happening.

Reporting technical issue to Instagram support

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