Instagram Stories: How to Create a Custom Sticker

AnySticker is a free application for Instagram that allows you to create custom stickers for use in Stories. The tool is available on Android and iPhone (iOS) phones and has several icon and color options. Custom stickers can be resized and moved freely over the photo as well as the native stickers. After the assembly, you can publish the image in your story or send it to a friend.

In the following tutorial, check out how to use the AnySticker app to create a custom sticker and publish it to Instagram Stories. The procedure was performed in the version of the iPhone application, but the tips are also valid for Android users.

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Learn how to create custom stickers for Instagram Stories

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Step 1. Download and install AnySticker. Open the app and tap "Create Sticker" and select a template ready just below. Then enter the text of your picture;

Enter the text of your sticker in AnySticker

Step 2. Now choose the color and icon. For more options, touch the "..." button;

Choose your sticker icon on AnySticker

Step 3. After making the desired customizations, go to "Create Sticker" and then "Select image". The cell phone photo gallery will open and you should choose one of them;

Select the background image of the sticker on AnySticker

Step 4. Finally, tap "Add to Instagram Stories". The social network application will open with the image selected in the previous step and the sticker created. Then simply adjust the size and position of the sticker, use the platform's native features and publish the photo in your story or send it to a friend.

AnySticker custom sticker photo on Instagram Stories

Ready. Enjoy the tips and leave the Stories with your face when creating custom stickers on AnySticker.

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