Instagram Stories update brings new emoji poll; know how to use

Instagram Stories gained a new version with the function of making polls with emoji sliding in the stories. The feature, which was released on Thursday (10), works through a sticker - as well as the existing poll option. You can customize the question text, background color, and select the slide bar face. Your followers can then drag to vote and view the average result of the responses.

Check out the next step, how to use the update and do polls with the emoji slider in your Instagram stories. The images were captured on an iPhone (iOS), but the procedure is the same for users of Android phones.

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How to make a poll in Instagram Stories

Step 1. Open Instagram and tap on the camera icon in the upper left corner of the screen to open the Instagram Stories camera. So take a picture or video as usual and go to the option to insert stickers in the upper right corner;

Access the Instagram camera and take a photo or video

Step 2. Then tap on the new sticker to the right of "Poll" to add the sliding emoji. Then type a question and select the color of the text;

Add the new Poll sticker

Step 3. To choose the color of the background rectangle, use the "A" icon at the top of the screen. Now, touch emoji to customize it. Choose the desired option in the bar above the keyboard or touch "+" to see all faces;

Customizing background color and emoji

Step 4. The poll works like a normal sticker: you can drag it to any corner of the screen, zoom in, zoom out, and rotate using two fingers. When you're done, you can tap "Your story" to add the poll directly to your story, or "Send to" to select specific friends;

Post the poll in your story or send to a friend

Step 5. To vote, just open the story and press the emoji. Then, drag to the desired position and release. The vote will be recorded and can not be changed. After voting, the average result will be displayed;

Voting in a poll

Step 6. To follow the voting result, simply open the story and touch the number of views in the lower left corner or slide the screen up. You can see the average result and the individual responses of your friends. Note that after voting for the sliding emoji, the face is replaced by the profile photo.

Viewing Poll Results

Ready! Enjoy the insider tips and interact with your followers on Instagram Stories.

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