Installing apps on Android

Installing applications on your Android phone is one of the first tasks for users who have just purchased a smartphone. At these times, it's safest to go to the official Google app store, the Play Store. Among the most popular softwares there are WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. In all, the platform offers more than 100 million apps for a wide range of purposes.

Despite being a native feature, the step-by-step download and install apps can bring difficulties for users who are not very familiar with Android. According to Samsung, the doubt "how to install applications" is among the most frequent among those who buy a cell phone company. To help you with this, we've prepared the tutorial below. In addition to the standard Google Play Store (Android) procedure, TechTudo teaches you how to install apps via Galaxy Apps (Samsung) and APK.

Learn how to install apps on Android

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How to install app from the Google Play Store (Android)

Step 1. On your Android phone, open the Google Play Store. Browse the store until you find an app you plan to download. You can use the search box to search for a specific program.

Open the Play Store on Android

Step 2. When you find the application you want to download, tap on it and select the "Install" option. When the download is complete, the application will be available for use on your smartphone.

When you find the app, install it

How to install application by Galaxy Apps (Samsung)

Step 1. Open the Galaxy Apps app on your Samsung mobile phone and inside the store look for the app you plan to download.

Open Galaxy Apps on Samsung

Step 2. When you find the application, click "Install" to download and complete the procedure.

How to install application via APK

Before you begin, it is important to note that the process of installing an APK file can pose a risk to your phone. By providing permissions for third-party apps, your phone is open to unchecked programs that may contain malicious operation. To avoid problems, always try to download from trusted sites and make sure there is an antivirus installed on your smartphone.

Step 1. Search for "app name + APK" on the internet. When you find a trusted site, open it and tap "Download."

Find a site with the app's APK

Step 2. A system message will inform you that the file may damage your device. If you want to continue anyway, confirm the action by tapping "OK". When the download is complete, go to the "Downloads" folder.

Download the APK file

Step 3. Tap the APK file. By default, mobile devices are already factory-locked for third-party apps. To enable them, go to the "Settings" of your phone.

Install the file

Step 4. Disable the key next to "Unknown sources" so that the application can be installed.

unknown "

Step 5. Go back to the "Downloads" folder and select the app again. Touch "Install" to continue.

Confirm app install

Step 6. When installation is complete, the application will be available for use in the apps menu of your phone.

Finish installing the application

Remember to disable third-party app install permission

Step 1. After installing an APK, we recommend disabling the third-party apps install permission again. To do this, open the Android settings and touch "Security".

Open Android settings

Step 2. Re-enable the key next to "Unknown sources" so that third-party apps can not be installed on your device.

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