iPhone 8: How to block apps and other content unsuitable for children

IPhone 8 lets you block apps, sites, movies, music, or other services with explicit content. The feature is useful for users who have small children or are responsible for any child, and can also be used by people who prefer that such content is not available on Apple's mobile phone. To activate the function, just perform a few simple steps in your smartphone settings.

Here's how to block content that is inappropriate for kids on the iPhone 8. It's worth noting that step-by-step is also true for other Apple phones with iOS 11.

Learn to block inappropriate content for kids on iPhone 8

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Step 1. Open the iPhone "Settings" and tap "General".

Step 2. Select "Restrictions". Then touch "Enable Restrictions".

Step 3. Enter your unlock password to activate the feature and choose which applications will have restrictions.

Choose the apps that will have restrictions on iPhone 8

Step 4. Choose what types of content will be allowed on your mobile phone according to the rating.

Choose the type of content restriction on iPhone 8

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