iPhone 8 Plus: Know quick tricks for taking professional photos

The iPhone 8 Plus camera offers numerous features for taking more creative photos and a more professional footprint. The phone lets you record pictures in Portrait Mode, famous for blurring the background and keeping the character highlighted - also known as the bokeh effect. The Apple cell phone also features native HDR, real-time filters and panorama capturing.

In addition, you can adjust the focus, lighting, among other features to improve the quality of the images. In this tutorial, TechTudo shows tips for taking better photos with your iPhone without needing any apps. Learn how in the next step.

Tutorial shows you how to take more professional photos with iPhone 8 Plus

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Make focus, light, and flash adjustments

Step 1. The user can focus on different spaces in the scenario. To do this, simply touch the desired location and wait for the center of the yellow square to focus.

Select the focus where you prefer in the scenario

Step 2. You can adjust the light level. To do this, touch the point where you want to focus the image, and then drag your finger on the bar with a "sun" icon, up (greater light input) or down (less light input) icon.

Adjust the intensity of light through the iPhone 8 Plus

Step 3. The iPhone 8 Plus has flash on the rear camera, ideal for darker environments. To activate, simply touch the top button and select "With" (flash on), "No" (off) or "Auto" (to be triggered automatically).

Turn on the flash, turn off or set to auto

Check the result of the photo with these settings:

Photo with focus and light adjustments

Using Portrait Mode

Step 1. One of the great advantages of the iPhone 8 Plus is in the dual camera. To access, from the camera app, drag the base menu until you find the "Portrait" item. Position the element at the distance indicated on the screen and note that the background will be blurred.

Position the subject or person at the indicated distance to activate portrait mode

Step 2. You can choose a specific type of lighting in the highlighted area, for a studio result (darkened edges), natural lighting and more. Select the one you prefer and press the center button to register the photo.

Use portrait lighting effects on iPhone 8 Plus

Check the result of the photo in portrait mode:

Photo result in portrait mode with professional background blur

Use real-time filters

Another advantage of the iPhone is in the previous filters, which are applied to the camera before even taking the picture. To access, touch the "Filters" icon at the top right of the screen. A menu will be opened at the bottom of the camera. Select the desired effect and take your photo.

Apply filters in real time on iPhone 8 Plus

Check the result of the photo with the filter applied:

Image result clicked with native iPhone 8 Plus filter

Enable HDR

Step 1. You can activate the HDR manually on the iPhone 8 Plus camera. To do this, go to the "Settings" menu and then touch "Camera".

Access the iPhone camera settings menu

Step 2. Turn off the switch next to "Auto HDR". Now when opening the camera, note that there is the HDR indicator at the top to be activated manually.

Turn on manual HDR on iPhone

Check the result of the photo using HDR:

Recorded photo with HDR on iPhone

Panoramic photo

The smartphone allows you to record panoramic photos, which cover the scenario widely in the same image. To do this, touch the photo menu and drag to the side until you find the "Panorama" option. Now press the photo shooting button (white) and rotate the phone around the location you want to register. The movement should be performed slowly to capture the full scenario, following the arrow's flow in the center of the screen.

Make panorama pictures on the iPhone

Check out the panoramic image made by iPhone 8 Plus:

Panoramic photo recorded by iPhone 8 Plus

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