IPhone App blocks access to social networks and messengers; know how to use

Freedom is an iPhone app (iOS) focused on decreasing time spent on the mobile phone. To do this, the tool blocks access to social networks and messengers, among other apps and sites that can disrupt productivity. The feature also promises to help you stay healthy by reducing the continued use of the device.

The application is paid, but can be tested by seven sessions, and is available in English only. In this tutorial, TechTudo shows you how to use Freedom and gain more free time on your smartphone. Learn more in the next step.

Freedom is an app to help people stay away from apps that do them harm.

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Step 1. Download and install Freedom on your device. Open the application, and to configure and decide which applications will be blocked, go to the "Blocklists" screen, then tap "Add a blocklist".

Customize your blocked list in the Freedom app

Step 2. Next, give a name to the list of locks. Select all the apps you want to block by pressing the right key. Then touch "Save" in the upper right corner of the screen.

Customizing the application block list in the Freedom app

Step 3. Then tap "Start Session" in the bottom corner. On the screen that opens, tap "Blocklists, " and then select the block list that you want to enable.

Enabling the lock in the Freedom app

Step 5. Choose how long you want the accesses to be blocked and to start tapping "Start".

Select app lock time in the Freedom app

Step 6. Selected applications will be blocked. When you try to open a website, for example, the browser will display the message "The URL was blocked by a content blocker".

Apps blocked by the Freedom app

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