iPhone: hiding unread email number and more notifications on iOS

IPhone (iOS) shows the number of notifications on the apps icon on the home screen. This is quite common in email apps. In this case, the counter indicates the amount of unread messages, which only tends to increase if you usually ignore incoming emails. Another location where notification can be bothersome is the phone icon, which informs the stock of new messages in the mailbox.

Fortunately, a simple trick lets you get rid of those numbers once and for all. See below for step-by-step how to hide the amount of notifications from your app icons on your iPhone. The tips are also good for iPad or iPod touch users.

iPhone shows the notification number; learn how to hide

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Step 1. Access your iPhone settings and touch "Notifications". Then choose the application you want to hide the number of notifications - such as Mail and Phone, for example.

Open iOS settings

Step 2. Finally, disable the "Warning on Icon" option. Now just go back to the iPhone's home screen to see the result. Repeat the procedure with all the apps you want to hide the number of notifications.

Removing the number of icon notifications

Take this simple tip to remove the number of notifications from apps icons and make your iPhone home screen cleaner.

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