iPhone: how to improve self made in the dark with the Moonlight app

Taking photos in the dark and without flash is one of the most complicated tasks on smartphones, even on the iPhone. Without the flash, Apple's camera phone can lighten images, but not enough to get a good result. To solve this problem, you can download the free Moonlight app so that your selfies in the dark are clearer.

The tool is ideal for shooting in low light environments such as nightclubs and restaurants. See, in this tutorial, the step-by-step how to use Moonlight to get better images on the iPhone.

Tutorial shows how to use the Moonlight app to lighten selfies made in the dark with the iPhone

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Step 1. Open Moonlight and do a selfie. Wait for the app to make the necessary photo sequence to lighten the image.

Option to take a picture in the dark with the Moonlight app for iPhone

Step 2. With the photo ready, touch the three-point icon to view the sharing options or to save the image on the iPhone camera roll.

Action to share or save a selfie created with the Moonlight app for iPhone

Here's the comparison between a photo taken with the iPhone camera app and the other with the Moonlight app:

Photo taken with the iOS camera and the other one made with the Moonlight app

Use the procedure to improve selfies done in the dark with the iPhone.

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