iPhone: how to leave the invisible apps folder name on iOS

The user can leave the iPhone application folders (iOS) without name - function not allowed natively by Apple. The change is performed using a special transparent character to replace the traditional letters. The symbols can not be displayed, but are recognized by the system as a common text, and are retained even after the device is restarted.

The trick, which is little known by users, also works on iPods and iPads and is useful for anyone who wants to organize their apps on the device screen. Here's how to leave a folder with an invisible name on iOS.

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Trick lets you leave unnamed application folders on iPhone

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Step 1. Copy the transparent special character "⠀⠀⠀" that is inside the quotation marks (without copying the quotation marks). Then press the desired folder until it begins to shake, allowing you to edit your name, and erase the old name;

Editing the name of an application folder on iPhone

Step 2. Touch the empty title field and select the "Paste" option to enter the special character in the folder name. Finish by pressing the Home button, so that edits are complete.

Paste a special transparent character to leave folder of unnamed apps on iPhone

Ready. Take the hint to organize your iPhone folders.

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