iPhone: how to use iOS 12 notifications

IOS 12 has brought improvements in managing app notifications. The user can now mute or disable direct alerts from the lock screen without having to open system settings. In addition, alerts can be grouped by application. This prevents incoming messages in chat apps, for example, from overcharging and polluting the iPhone's notification center.

In the following tutorial, check out how to use the new iOS 12 notification features. The procedure was performed on an iPhone 8, but the tips are valid for any device with the latest version of the Apple system.

Learn how to manage app notifications on iOS 12

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Step 1. Press a notification using 3D Touch. Then touch "..." in the upper right corner.

Expand the notification using 3D Touch

Step 2. If your device is not equipped with a pressure sensitive screen, slide the notification to the side and tap "Manage."

Devices without 3D Touch can also access the feature

Step 3. You can now mute the application alerts or turn them off completely. Touch "Settings" to access app notification settings. From there, you can configure alerts, enable or disable sound and warning in the app icon, and hide the content of the notification.

Managing application notifications

Step 4. Scroll to the end and tap "Notification Grouping". You can configure the grouping of alerts automatically, per app, or disable the feature. The adjustment must be performed individually for each application.

Configuring notification grouping

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