iPhone locking: know what to do

It is quite common for cell phones, after a certain time of use, to begin to lock or slow. And despite having an operating system admittedly fluid, the iPhone (iOS) also does not escape this reality. Several situations can cause the iPhone to crash, such as lack of internal space and outdated version of iOS. However, despite the "natural" performance drop of the smartphone, it is possible to perform some actions in the device that can reduce the bugs.

We did some testing on an iPhone 8 Plus with iOS 11.4.1 and raised some causes for this problem. See below, what can make the iPhone crash and how to solve this.

See what can cause crashes on the iPhone

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What can make iPhone crash?

Many people buy the Apple cell phone with the justification that the "iPhone does not hang". As the operating system of the device is produced by Apple itself, it really works very well on the iPhone. Still, if the user does not take certain precautions, lockups can become routine.

There are a few causes for potential iPhone crashes. Among the main ones, the following stand out:

1. Full storage

2. outdated iOS

3. Long time of use

Because no cell phone is immune to these problems, it is important to decrease the chances of them starting to suggest - or stop them. So we've separated some tips to avoid day-to-day crashes.

How to solve the problem?

1. Empty the iPhone

How to keep the iPhone's internal memory full - crashes can start appearing with 80% of the storage used - is one of the causes of the problem, cleaning the iPhone constantly can be one of the solutions. For this, it is important to know how to back up the iPhone, such as checking the phone's internal memory and how to delete files.

In general, photos and videos are the ones that take up the most space in the storage, see below how to delete several at a time:

Step 1. Open the iPhone Photos app and choose the folder from which you want to delete files. Then in the upper right corner of the screen, click "Select."

Select the photos to delete

Step 2. Now, instead of clicking on each photo, just drag with your finger from left to right on top of the first photo, and then continue to drag it down. That way, all the images and videos in the row will be marked, without going to each one of them. Then touch the trash symbol in the lower right corner of the screen, and click "Delete Photos".

Confirm that you want to delete the photos

2. Keep your iOS up to date

Ensuring that the iPhone operating system is up to date is one of the ways to minimize device crashes. As manufacturers often release updates constantly to fix bugs and crashes, this ensures that the performance of the phone is always the best it can be. Here's how to find out if there are updates available for your iPhone:

Step 1. Open the "Settings" on your smartphone and tap "General".

Step 2. Then select "Software Update". If there are updates, the iPhone will inform you on the next page.

Check for updates available for your iPhone

Call for service

Finally, if none of the above answers to your iPhone locking problem, it is best to seek out Apple's expert assistance as we teach you in this tutorial. However, make sure that this support is authorized to perform the necessary repair on your device, if applicable.

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