IPhone sound only comes out of one side? See how to solve

If the sound of your iPhone comes out only on one channel - either on the right or left side -, there is an Apple mobile feature that allows you to regulate it. Just go to the iOS settings and adjust as you prefer. The tip can also be useful for those who wear headphones.

Ideally, the sound output should be evenly distributed. However, if one of the headphones is defective, it is also possible to put the audio out only on one side. In the following tutorial, learn how to configure this feature.

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Step 1. Open the iPhone "Settings" and tap "General".

Step 2. Next, choose the "Accessibility" option. On the page that opens, scroll down to find the audio volume balance. To leave the sound also exiting the two channels (right and left), keep the circle in the middle of the track.

If your handset is damaged on the right side, drag the circle to the left. Do the reverse if the left handset is in trouble.

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