IPVA 2019: how to generate the ticket and pay (Rio de Janeiro)

The ticket to pay the IPVA 2019 (Tax on Automotive Vehicle Ownership) in Rio de Janeiro is now available. The tax, which varies according to the vehicle's value and its date of manufacture, can be paid in a single quota or divided up to three times, with parcels distributed between January and March. To do so, the taxpayer must access the website of Detran-RJ, which leads to the Bradesco website, or enter directly into the bank's portal.

It is worth remembering that in addition to the IPVA, the driver must pay another two different tickets: Compulsory DPVAT Insurance and the License Fee. In the following lines, know how to print the ticket and pay the IPVA 2019 in Rio de Janeiro.

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IPVA 2019: how to generate the ticket and pay (Rio de Janeiro)

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The payment dates of the parcels are determined according to the end of the vehicle's license plate and can be checked in the table below. It is important to note that in 2019, unlike in previous years, the GRD (Guide to Debt Settlement) only contains the amounts related to the IPVA tax, no longer including the Detran-RJ rates. The license fee has a fixed amount of R $ 202.55 and may also be issued on the Bradesco website. In addition to the GRT (Tax Collection Guide), the vehicle owner must also pay DPVAT.

Schedule of Maturities of IPVA 2019 (RJ)

End of plateSingle quota or 1st installment2nd installment3rd installment
Source: State Secretariat of Finance of Rio de Janeiro slide to see the content

Check out the step by step how to generate and print the IPVA 2019 ticket in Rio de Janeiro.

On the Bradesco website

Step 1. Access the bank's website (www.bradesco.com.br) and click on the "Detran Rio de Janeiro" section, in the "Online Services" field;

Rio de Janeiro"

Step 2. The Payments page opens. Look, in the Taxes section, for the option DETRAN RJ - GRD, DOUBLE, GRM, and GRT;

Step 3. After opening the previous option, click the "Generate ticket" button;

Click the button to generate the payment slip

Step 4. A new window will open. Enter the Renavan number, the verification code and click the button in the lower right corner to proceed;

Enter the Renavan number and verification code

Step 5. Choose the year of exercise (2019);

Select the year for the current year

Step 6. The screen will be updated with vehicle data and values. Select whether you want to pay by single quota or in installments by clicking on the respective magnifying glasses;

Check vehicle data and choose between two payment options

Step 7. Next, choose the file format to generate the ticket. If you select "PDF", a new window will open to download the file. When choosing the "image" option, the document will open on the same screen;

Choose the format of the file to generate the ticket

Step 8. Lastly, click on "print ticket". It is possible to pay the IPVA 2019 at any accredited bank.

Print the ticket and make the payment in an accredited bank

In the website of Detran-RJ

Step 1. Go to the Detran-RJ website (www.detran.rj.gov.br/) and click on the "Vehicles" tab;

Step 2. In the "Vehicles" menu, select "IPVA" and then "Query (Bradesco)". The taxpayer will be redirected to the bank's website. Finally, repeat steps 3 to 8, explained above.

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