IPVA 2019 in Paraná: how to generate the ticket and pay at the Detran-PR website

The payment ticket of the IPVA 2019 can already be issued by the drivers of Paraná. The Automotive Vehicle Tax can be collected by the Detran-PR website to pay cash or installment up to three times. The payment of the single quota or first installment must be paid until January 25. In case of installment payment, the other maturities occur on February 25 and March 25.

In the following tutorial, check out how to generate the payment guide for IPVA 2019 on the Detran-PR website. The ticket, it is worth remembering, is only about IPVA. In addition, the driver must still pay two other taxes: Compulsory Insurance (DPVAT) and the licensing fee.

IPVA 2019: how to generate the ticket and pay (Rio de Janeiro)

Payment of IPVA of cars registered by Detran-PR is now available

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Step 1. Go to the Detran-PR website (detran.pr.gov.br) and go to the "IPVA" tab at the bottom of the page. Then press the link indicated to access the tax query page;

Access the IPVA 2019 consultation page

Step 2. Enter the Renavam code of your car and choose a payment date. Then confirm the verification code that appears in the image and press "Consult";

Enter the requested data

Step 3. The tax amount and expiration date will be displayed on the screen. If the date selected is higher than the due date, a fine and interest will be calculated. You can generate the tab for cash payment or installment in three times;

Select whether you want to pay cash or installment

Step 4. On the ticket page, choose whether you want to print, save to PDF, or copy the ticket payment code to paste on your side's internet banking website and make payment via the PC.

Ticket for payment of IPVA

Ready! Take advantage of the tips to pay your car's IPVA 2019 and avoid fines.

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