Japan vs Poland live: how to watch the World Cup game online

The World Cup in Russia continues on Thursday (28) with the Japan-Poland match for the third round of group H. Today's match, decisive for the Japanese national team's classification, will be broadcast live on the Globoplay service for the entire territory national. To follow the confrontation, simply access the streaming service of Rede Globo by PC or by the application for mobile phones and tablets.

Globoplay is a service that allows free access to Globo's streaming programming. To watch on mobile, just install the application available for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and devices with Android. Follow the steps below to watch the 11 o'clock in the morning between Japan and Poland by PC or mobile phone.

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How to watch football games on the Globo Play cell phone

On the computer

Step 1. Go to Globoplay and click the three bars icon in the upper left corner of the screen;

Action to access the Globoplay through the computer

Step 2. To proceed, select the "Sports" menu item on the left side of the screen;

Action to access the Globoplay service sports page

Step 3. Access the card "Russia 2018" to open the broadcasts of the games in Globoplay;

Click on the 2018 World Cup icon on Globo Play

Step 4. To view the broadcasts of the games, roll the screen to view the available videos until you reach the "watch" option in the World Cup 2018 section;

Roll the Globe Play page

Step 5. Click the Japan vs. Poland match to watch the broadcast;

Click on the game you want to watch on Globo Play

Step 6. A warning will appear that you need to register on Globoplay to access the streaming. Sign in with a Facebook account, Google account, or email and password previously registered with the service to proceed;

Action to access the live broadcast on the Globoplay service

Step 7. If you want to see the other game being played simultaneously, pause the mouse pointer over the screen until "Switch Camera" appears;

to watch other matches at Globo Play.

Step 8. The simultaneous game will appear in the right corner of the screen and just click on it to change the transmission.

At Globo Play, switch between live matches

On the cellphone

Step 1. Open the application and touch the white arrow icon in the lower right corner to proceed to the login screen. In the next window, tap the "Register for free" option;

Sign up for the Globo Play app

Step 2. Use a Facebook account, Google account or a login previously used on Globoplay. To proceed, tap the "Sign in now to Globoplay" option;

Use the service data of your choice to register on Globo Play

Step 3. Allow the application to access your location to enter the custom home screen for your region. Then touch the three bars icon in the upper right corner of the screen;

Click the three line icon at the top of the Globo Play app

Step 4. Touch the "Sports" option and choose the "Russia 2018" card;

Step 5. Tap on the "Japan vs. Poland" match to start streaming on your device.

Live games on the Globo Play app

Take advantage of the tip not to lose the result of the game and to follow the table of group H of the World Cup of Russia.

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