Learn how to change the look of the pilot in The Crew 2

The Crew 2 is one of the great releases of Ubisoft for 2018. With versions for PS4, Xbox One and PC (with download via Steam), the racing game brings new mechanics and customization options not only to vehicles but also to the character main. In this tutorial, check out how to modify the look of your avatar:

The Crew 2: Check out tips to play on PS4, Xbox One and PC

Although it is not possible to create a character from scratch with unique characteristics, the game offers pre-defined models of both sexes so that the player can choose what pleases him the most. There are, however, a good number of options initially available.

The Crew 2: learn how to change the look of the rider in the racing game

In The Crew 2, the pilot's look can only be changed in a safe location. At first, the visual adjustments are made from the "House, " the protagonist's base stationed in the heart of Miami in the state of Florida. Remember that it is allowed to teleport to the base from the beginning of the journey thanks to the fast travel feature.

The Crew 2: go to the safe location to access the customization menu

As you reach the base, explore the entire site and look for the pilot's suit, leaning against the right corner of the dark wall - which is positioned in the center of the shed. The "Customize Avatar" option can be viewed as you approach the black suit. Finally, press the action button to interact with the customization system.

Avatar "from the costume allocated at the base

Once this is done, the avatar customization menu will be available so that you can unlock and acquire new aesthetic items for the protagonist. The accessories can be obtained with the game's virtual currency, however there are exclusive pieces to those who reserved the season pass or the luxury version on PSN, Xbox Store or Steam.

The Crew 2: Unlock items and sets using the money you get in races

All purchased items remain stored in your inventory, but you can only change them when you are present in the secure location. The collection of pieces brings an extensive list of unlockables such as pants, blouses, shirts, sneakers, accessories, helmets and pilot sets.

The Crew 2: There is an exclusive catalog to those who invested in the Season Pass

It is important to note that the character's look can be evaluated by other users when entering online or challenging groups and friends in multiplayer cooperative games. So capriche in style and win races to win more and more followers and consequently get more popular.

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