Learn how to play with Brigitte, the new hero of Overwatch

Announced at the end of February, Brigitte Lindholm is the 27th hero of Overwatch, Blizzard's online FPS released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Daughter of Torbjorn and Reinhardt's squire, the warrior has the official support function, but at the same time also mixes some tank features.

Although the developer of the game has not disclosed so far when Brigitte officially debuts in the game, the heroine can already have her skills tested in the PTR - the test server available to anyone who plays the game on the PC. Check out all the special skills of Brigitte in this tutorial and learn how to master your style of play already in debut.

With a high constitution and a defense shield, Brigitte is the most robust support of the game

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Mangual to Jet

Brigitte's main attack is an adapted flint that can hit multiple opponents at the same time, much like Reinhardt's hammering. Despite having a basic attack with less range and less damage than the German warrior, the flail is also much faster.

Shield Barrier

Brigitte's secondary attack causes her to lift a shield version capable of absorbing 600 points of damage. Although individual (one-quarter of the width of Reinhardt's used and slightly lower), the shield can help Brigitte defend against the invading team and protect allies who stand directly behind the heroine.

Brigitte can heal her allies by attacking opponents

Shield Strike

With the shield activated, Brigitte can launch herself in a swift thrust to reach opponents a few meters ahead. In addition to dealing damage to enemies, the blow also stuns for a few seconds whoever receives it, opening up room for further attacks.

Repair Kit

The repair kits launched by Brigitte heal 150 life points of one ally at a time. If this amount is enough to complete the hit points, the remaining value is added as a temporary armor (up to 75 armor points) that lasts up to 5 seconds. Unlike the Torbjorn kits, Brigitte's kits are automatically thrown to the allies, all they need is a generous range of 30 meters.

Whipping shot

In addition to being fast, Brigitte's flail also has a chain with which the heroine can toss it at distant opponents. With the same range as the hook used by Roadhog, the hit is a good tool to reach distant opponents (including in the air) and push them away (or into chasms).

Daughter of Torbjorn, the new heroine is a squire of German Reinhardt

To inspire

Brigitte's passive ability should make her a much-wanted heroine on any team. Thanks to her ability to inhale, Brigitte manages to heal her close allies and herself every time she hits an opponent with her flail. Although the cure is relatively low and gradual, the value can make the difference between victory and defeat in fiercer disputes.


Brigitte's supreme ability functions as an aura that hits allies within a 7-meter radius for 10 seconds. In addition to increasing the speed of anyone in the area of ​​effect (similar to Lucius' music), the allies receive 15 armor points every half a second until they reach a maximum of 150 armor points. Unlike the armor received by the repair kits, these points remain with the player until they receive damage.


Like Moira, Brigitte is also a heroine who needs to constantly attack her opponents so she can heal the group around her effectively - since her repair kits only heal one character at a time and rely on a cooldown of six seconds before they can be reused. So, enjoy your constitution more robust compared to the other supports (along with your shield) and do not be afraid of the front line.

About repair kits, they can be used to heal critical characters, but they can also be offered to an offensive ally about to enter the middle of the enemy team, ensuring extra protection and greater chances of success in the attack.

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It is also very important to know the limits of the character, so training the range of each of your abilities is highly recommended. In this way, the player can know the exact moment of lowering the shield and abusing the flail on enemies. Also, do not forget to take advantage of the stunning caused by the Shield Strike and the Thrust Shot push to seek environment killings.

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