Learn how to raise the blade in Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus is a classic of PlayStation 2 that has gained a totally improved look to debut on PS4. Here, you control Wander, a boy who wants to revive Mono, a young woman sacrificed for having a cursed destiny. To achieve this goal, the protagonist will face 16 colossal beasts. In order to destroy these monsters, the hero will need more than his Ancestral Sword and Bow - he also needs strength and endurance.

The blade is essential to face a colossus, as it is necessary to climb it and reach its vital points. In this tutorial, you will learn how to increase your stamina and breath to accomplish your task.

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Shadow Of The Colossus - Gameplay commented

To raise your barbell strap you will need to hunt bright white tail lizards and ingest their tail. These creatures are scattered around the map and to capture them you will need:

Step 1. Be willing to explore the game map carefully. Whitetail lizards usually hide in small temples, rocky areas, close to large fruit trees and other parts of the scenery, but it is in the temples of save that it will be right to find at least one of them;

Tail of White-tailed Lizard Increases Streak in Shadow of the Colossus

Step 2. Capture the crosshairs. With a small animal that is usually agile and hiding in high places the bow and arrow will be your best weapon to shoot down.

With this weapon it will be easier to hit the animal. Reaching the tail of the lizard ensures that it survives without the tail, so you can then collect it. However, since this is a difficult task, do not hesitate to kill it if necessary.

The Shadow of the Colossus save temples are some of the places where you can find lizards

Step 3. To collect the tail, get close to the dead lizard or tail and press the action button (R2 in the modern control pattern).

It is worth remembering that black lizards only regain strength and HP. Those with white tail are the only ones able to increase the level of the blade. Besides the color, the animal also emits a characteristic sound that differs from the others.

Shadow of the Colossus: Sometimes the lizard can survive and just leave its tail

To kill them, it is possible to use the sword, but will give a little more work because it is a short range weapon and the bugs will run. Agro can be a great help, since she can run them down and advance the service so you only collect the tails, but for that, the lizards should be on the ground and on the path of the mare.

To achieve a good level of the blade, you will need to collect many tails, since each one offers a small gain. However, with enough effort and willingness to explore a map full of beautiful scenery and mysteries, it will be easy to raise your levels and improve your performance in battles.

If you can not find any other special lizard do not worry, they will reappear over time, so be sure to revisit the places where you first met them.

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