Learn the order to defeat the bosses in Mega Man X Legacy Collection

Mega Man X Legacy Collection brings together eight major Mega Man X series games, each with its challenges and bosses to contend with. Released on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch, the package brings the exact same "boss order" mechanics to be defeated, thus easing the task of ending each of the adventures. Learn how this system works and the order of each game, as follows:

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What is the "order of the chiefs"?

Every game of Mega Man, from the most classic, has an adaptation system for the main character. By defeating a boss, he can absorb his power and acquire his weapon. This same weapon serves to defeat a boss, at another stage, who has weakness against it.

Learn to defeat the bosses in order in Mega Man X Legacy Collection

Because of this, the so-called "weakness system" is already quite classic in Mega Man and has been used in all Mega Man X series titles. Based on the list below, you simply choose to finish the phases in the right order, advantage and use the previously defeated boss's weapon in the next phase.

See the order of the bosses in each game - it is worth remembering that only the eight main bosses are listed in each phase and preferably with X in command:

Mega Man X:

  1. Chill Penguin
  2. Spark Mandrill
  3. Armored Armadillo
  4. Launch Octopus
  5. Boomer Kuwanger
  6. Sting Chameleon
  7. Storm Eagle
  8. Flame Mammoth

Mega Man X Legacy Collection

Mega Man X2:

  1. Wire Sponge
  2. Wheel Gator
  3. Bubble Crab
  4. Flame Stag
  5. Morph Moth
  6. Magna Centipede
  7. Crystal Snail
  8. Overdrive Ostrich

Mega Man X3:

  1. Blizzard Buffalo
  2. Toxic Seahorse
  3. Tunnel Rhino
  4. Volt Catfish
  5. Crush Crawfish
  6. Neon Tiger
  7. Gravity Beetle
  8. Blast Hornet

Mega Man X4:

  1. Frost Walrus
  2. Web Spider
  3. Split Mushroom
  4. Jet Stingray
  5. Slash Beast
  6. Magma Dragoon
  7. Cyber ​​Peacock
  8. Storm Owl

Mega Man X Legacy Collection

Mega Man X5:

  1. Grizzly Slash
  2. Duff McWhalen
  3. Squid Adler
  4. Izzy Glow
  5. Dark Dizzy
  6. The Skiver
  7. Mattrex
  8. Axie the Red

Mega Man X6:

  1. Commander Yammark
  2. Ground Scaravich
  3. Blaze Heatnix
  4. Blizzard Wolfgang
  5. Rainy Turtloid
  6. Metal Shark Player
  7. Shield Sheldon
  8. Infinity Mijinion

Mega Man X7:

  1. Soldier Stonekong
  2. Tornado Tonion
  3. Splash Warfly
  4. Flame Hyenard
  5. Ride Boarski
  6. Snipe Anteator
  7. Wind Cowrang
  8. Vanishing Gungaroo

Mega Man X Legacy Collection

Mega Man X8:

  1. Bamboo Pandamonium
  2. Optic Sunflower
  3. Dark Mantis
  4. Gravity Antonion
  5. Earthrock Trilobyte
  6. Gigabolt Man-o-war
  7. Avalanche Yeti
  8. Burn Rooster