Learn tips to get well in LEGO The Incredibles

LEGO The Incredibles is an adventure and action game that was released on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC, bringing the heroes of theaters to the games. The game features characters from the movie, of the two, in fact, among them Mr. Incredible, Violet, Ice Cream, Arrow, Elastic Woman, among others. There are numerous possibilities for cooperative modes, puzzles and scenario exploration that are present along the plot. Here are some tips to help you navigate the adventure:

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A new way of looking at the powers

It's not the first LEGO game to deal with superheroes, but LEGO The Incredibles gives extra reason for super-powers to exist. Now, in addition to simply flying or dropping lightning through the hands, the characters stretch, use shields of force. The powers are much more varied and inviting to experimentation.

Tips to get well in LEGO The Incredibles

In LEGO The Incredibles you should be aware of this from the first phase. Explore all the powers of your characters so you do not get stuck on the stage and know what each one does. There are numerous heroes throughout the game, so you may get lost over time, but in most cases they are intuitive.

Teamwork Really Matters

LEGO The Incredibles does very well in the form of indicating their jigsaw puzzles. It is a well didactic game, to the point of offering a bar of time, as the dolls construct objects in the scenario. However, there is a new way of facing challenges, which evolves according to the power of the available characters.

Tips to get well in LEGO The Incredibles

Now the puzzles are much more cooperative. There will be times when you will have to combine two characters in one, with your abilities, to solve the problem and advance the story. This is a new form of resolution, but it can confuse those who are not prepared. If you get stuck, always try to combine!

Do not worry so much about the lives of the characters

Let's face it: LEGO The Incredibles is a very easy game. The challenges do exist, but it was made for family play with children, with a very standard level of difficulty, without many real challenges throughout history. For this reason the production has decided to reduce somewhat the need to worry hearts, which guide the lives of the characters.

Tips to get well in LEGO The Incredibles

Know that, throughout the adventure, the hearts appear to the hills, when the enemies are defeated. So it will be common for you to get your life back at all times, and die very little. So do not worry about always collecting, because at almost every moment you will have full life.

Use the ground blow to deal with enemies

In LEGO The Incredibles there are battles against numerous enemies, most of the time. Just like in every LEGO game, the ground strike - activated by leaping and attacking afterwards - is very effective at dealing with a large number of opponents at the same time.

Tips to get well in LEGO The Incredibles

Here, this type of attack is especially effective if you use "heavy" characters, focused on kicking, like Mr. Incredible, who is one of the central figures of the adventure. Much faster than dealing with opponents one by one in standard combat.

Explore Scenarios a lot

LEGO The Incredibles brings an open world system, similar to what was seen in LEGO City Undercover, but here a little wider and more varied, depending on the stage where the player is. As with every LEGO game, maps hide a lot of secrets, so the hint is to explore it to the fullest.

Tips to get well in LEGO The Incredibles

LEGO The Incredibles is not a short game, so it will take time to be finished. But do not worry about time, explore anyway. They are red bricks, unique items and even the possibility to unlock Pixar characters, who hide through the vast scenarios of the game. We know that exploitation, oftentimes, is natural, but take full force here.

The 75 hit combo

The trophy and most difficult achievement of the game is one that asks the player to achieve a combination of 75-hit hits. Actually it's not that complicated since the combos are easy to keep around here, but there's an extra hint that we can leave to make the challenge even easier and more practical.

Tips to get well in LEGO The Incredibles

First try using the leaping attack with light characters, who do not defeat the enemies, but count the hit anyway. If that does not work out, try steadily attacking the phase bosses, who do not normally die with normal hits, to add up the missing hits. Thus, the reward will come easier.

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