Legend Online Tips and Tricks: See How to Play Well in the Game

Legend Online is a browser RPG in which players face missions and monstrous creatures. To advance in the game, you need to know how to increase power, pick up rare items and train the character's right skills. Check out tips and tricks for archer, wizard and warrior, and how to get gems to play well online.

How to stay strong in Legend Online

Legend Online has three classes with different attributes and abilities. Here are some tips to get the best performance with each:

Legend Online Tips and Tricks: See How to Play Well in the Game

Warrior Tips

The warrior is the class with greater strength and defense of the game, able to face enemies with attacks at close range. The class can serve as a "tank" to block major attacks, either as an offensive character or as a hybrid, with balanced attack and defense.

  • Attributes: Attack, Defense, Stamina, Lock and Life
  • Cosmos: Attack, Defense, Resistance and Blockage and Critical Attack
  • Guild Ability: Strength, Physical and Protection

Warrior in Legend Online

Attack and Defense are essential attributes for a warrior. To make it complete, use Gems in Resistance so that it fends off magical attacks. Subsequently, you also need Blocking and Life to decrease the amount of damage received and increase your life bar.

Tips for mage

The wizard or sorcerer class is one of the most powerful in terms of attack. However, the priority of the player in this class is the spell, not the attack attribute. Mages have powerful strokes and a certain advantage over other classes, as they can use healing spells.

  • Attributes: Magic, Endurance and Life
  • Cosmos: Magic, Defense, Resistance and Critical Attack
  • Guild Skill: Intelligence, Protection, and Physical

Legend Online Wizard

The most important attribute for the magician will always be Magic. Use gems that raise the Magic level to gain stronger hits. The Attack attribute has no effect on the mage. Put Resistance and Defense gems on equipment to protect yourself from physical blows. Finally, use Life Gems to complement your defense.

Tips for archer

The archer is the most balanced class among the three for having the attack equivalent to the defense. On the other hand, it is agile and sneaky, capable of causing large amounts of damage quickly. The archer also weakens his enemies using venom, double and stunning attacks.

  • Attributes: Attack, Defense, Endurance and Life
  • Cosmos: Defense, Resistance and Critical Attack, Critical Increase
  • Guild Ability: Strength, Protection and Physical

Archer on Legend Online

Unlike the warrior, the archer's defense is much more fragile. So use the gems initially in Attack and Defense to ensure greater attack power without becoming vulnerable. Then invest in Resistance to defend yourself against magical attacks and Life. Use Cosmos that increases the chances of causing critical damage to your enemies.

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Labyrinth in Bot Mode

A "trick" to get experience, gems and money faster is to use the Bottom of the Maze Bot Mode. Open the Labyrinth menu, start the bot and wait for one or two minutes until the character advances the first floor. Then just close the game and wait a few hours.

Use the Labyrinth Bot Mode to gain XP and gems

Go back to the game when you want to stop the bot or collect your items. In addition to money and experience, you will have a better chance of getting gems. They are not so easy to find after the start of the game. As their level increases, they become more scarce. So do not sell your gems. Save them to improve character attributes.

Beginner's Card

Legend Online offers beginners bonus, see how to get:

Step 1. Open the left side menu;

Beginner's Card

Step 2. Click on "Awards". You will be redirected to another page;

Beginner's Card

Step 3. Click "Collect Starter Card";

Beginner's Card

Step 4. Go back to Legend Online and click on "Highlights";

Beginner's Card

Step 5. Click on "Event Prize", paste the code into the text box and hit the "Change" icon.

Beginner's Card

The items will be in your messages. Open the message box in the upper-right menu, and click Extract to receive the items.

Get Starter Card items in the message menu

Bonuses and prizes

In addition to the Beginner's Card, there are a number of other daily bonuses, goals and events on Legend Online. Remember to be aware, as each prize will be available in a certain amount of time.

  • Treasure Chest: Offers a bonus every two hours
  • Online Package: offers an item every 5 minutes in-game
  • Highlights: Rewards while completing goals and collecting items

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