Lexmark MX711: How to Download and Install the Printer Driver

Downloading and installing the Lexmark MX711dhe printer driver is not a complicated task. The user, however, may be confused about where to find the download link of the software, plus the product manual and other facilities. TechTudo teaches you how to perform the procedure, which, unlike other components needed for a printer to work, such as toner or ink, is free and adds no value to the price of the machine.

The Lexmark MX711 driver is available for different operating systems such as Linux, Windows and MacOS. Step-by-step uses the Microsoft platform. To find out where and how to install, follow the tutorial below.

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Here's how to install the Lexmark MX711 driver

Step 1. Access the Lexmark MX711 printer support website;

Go to the printer's website

Step 2. Scroll down and select "Downloads";

Step 3. Click on "Operating System" to choose the operating system you use (Windows, Linux or Mac) and then select the version. To know if your PC is 32-bit or 64-bit, click here;

Choose your operating system

Step 4. Click the link in the "Recommended Drivers" section;

Click the link to download the driver

Step 5. On the page that will open, click "Download" and select the folder where the file will be saved. If the browser does not give this option, it is possible that the installer will automatically go to the "Downloads" folder;

Click download

Step 6. After downloading file, go to the folder where the download was saved, right click on the installer and select "Run as administrator";

as an administrator "

Step 7. After granting the necessary permission, check the "Install the driver software now" option and then click "Start";

Start the installation

Step 8. Read and accept the license agreement;

Accept the license agreement

Step 9. On the screen that will open, click "Continue";

Step 10. After the driver loads the files, click "Install".

Ready! Then just use the settings recommended by the installer and, at the end of the process, complete the installation. You may need to restart your PC for all changes to be saved.

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