LG Smart TV: how to connect home theater or soundbar via HDMI ARC

LG's smart TVs have an HDMI ARC-type connector to connect sound systems to the device. Using a standard HDMI cable, users can send television sound to home theaters, soundbars, among other devices, without the need to use an optical cable or composite video outputs.

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The connection via HDMI promises high quality playback, as well as allowing the control of the TV to access the volume of the connected device through ARC technology, ensuring greater practicality at the time of use. It is worth mentioning that it is necessary that both devices are compatible with the resource, as is the case of smart TVs with webOS system.

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Tutorial shows how to connect a sound system on LG TV using HDMI ARC connection

Step 1. Locate the HDMI ARC connection on the TV, located at the bottom of the display. Connect one end of the HDMI cable;

HDMI ARC connector on a smart TV from LG

Step 2. Locate the HDMI ARC connector on the sound device and connect the other end of the cable;

HDMI ARC connector of a sound device that will be connected on a smart TV from LG

Step 3. Press the gear icon on the remote control to open the webOS system quick menu;

Action on the remote control to access the menu of a smart TV from LG

Step 4. Use the cursor buttons on the remote control to navigate through the options. Select "Sound Output" and touch the "Ok" button on the remote control;

Action to select the sound output selector of a smart TV from LG

Step 5. Use the cursor button to select the HDMI ARC audio output option and press OK on the remote control.

Action to select audio output HDMI ARC on a smart TV from LG

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