LG Smart TV: how to connect home theater or soundbar by optical cable

LG's smart TVs can be connected to a sound device via an optical cable. The brand's televisions feature an optical output so the audio is directed to a home theater, receiver, soundbar, among other devices with compatible sound input. The connection is a good alternative in more modern systems, which use HDMI ARC technology to transmit audio and video.

After properly connecting the cable to the devices, it is necessary to access the audio settings in the webOS menu to activate the optical output. In this way, with the sound system connected and configured correctly, the sound is recognized and reproduced with greater power. Check out the following tutorial on how to use a sound system connected to the LG smart TV by the optical cable.

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Tutorial teach to connect a sound system by optical cable on a smart TV from LG

Step 1. Check the "Optical Digital Audio Out" connection on the back of the TV. This is where you fit one end of the optical cable;

Optical audio output from a smart TV from LG

Step 2. On the audio device, find the "Optical Digital In" connection and connect the other end of the cable;

Optical input of a sound system that will be connected on a smart TV from LG

Step 3. Press the remote control button with gear icon to access the webOS quick menu;

Action on the remote control to access the menu of a smart TV from LG

Step 4. Use the cursor on the remote control to navigate to the "Sound Output" option and press the "OK" button;

Option to choose the audio output of a smart TV from LG with WebOS

Step 5. Press the right button on the remote control cursor until "Audio (Optical / HDMI)" is selected. Make sure that the sound device is turned on and press the "Exit" button on the remote control when the sound is played back on the unit.

Action to choose the optical audio output on a smart TV from LG with WebOS

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