LinkedIn application brings function with filters for videos

LinkedIn announced on Wednesday (21) two new functions for sharing videos on the professional platform. When recording camera video from mobile phone or import from gallery, user can add colored filters and text on the image before sending in the feed. The feature is available on the social network app for Android and iPhone (iOS).

For now, there are only three filters available, but LinkedIn ensures that new options will be released in the future. The themes are always related to the work environment or the hobbies that the users wish to divulge to their network of contacts. See in the following tutorial how to use the new video editing options on LinkedIn for your mobile phone.

LinkedIn Launches Filters and Caption for In-App Videos for Android and iPhone

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Step 1. Open LinkedIn on your smartphone and tap the new post button. Then select the video option.

Create a new video post on LinkedIn

Step 2. Record a video from your phone's camera or import an existing recording into the gallery.

Record a new video or import one from the gallery

Step 3. Touch the filter add button at the top of the screen. Choose from the available options and position in the video.

Add a filter to the video on LinkedIn

Step 4. Tap the text tool and enter a caption for the video.

Add a caption text in the video

Step 5. Explore the display options for text in the video. LinkedIn offers colorful background text and 3D format display.

Change the look of caption text in the video

6. Touch the arrow at the bottom of the screen to save. Write a review and post on LinkedIn.

Share edited video in the LinkedIn feed

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