LoL Slang: Understand the most talked about terms in the League of Legends

League of Legends has its own dictionary, full of terms and acronyms used to describe the various acts and techniques of the game. Although very popular, these words are not always easy to understand, especially for beginners at the MOBA. Check out the guide with the main slang of LoL.

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Gank or 'gankar' is the act of ambushing one or more surprise opponents in the League of Legends, using numerical superiority to defeat them more easily. The technique works very well against very advanced opponents or out of position, which become easy prey for the Jungle.

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Gankar means to ambush rivals in League of Legends


Cait or "caitar" is the shot in which the sniper shoots at the enemy while moving away from him. The technique is ideal to continue to do damage, while keeping good distance from champions capable of winning close combat.

Pick Off

More common at the end of the game, Pick Off is the act of isolating one of the rival champions to make fighting against him easier. This is a good alternative for teams at a disadvantage on the leaderboard, which would lose a team-to-team clash.


Wardar is the act of positioning a sentry or surveillance totem somewhere on the League of Legends map. These items ensure full view of the chosen area, and help avoid ambushes of rivals.

Wardar is positioning sentries on the map of League of Legends


The slang refers to plays in which one or more players who manage to go unnoticed by the opponents and knock down towers or even the Nexus. This usually happens in favor of a team being pressured against its base.


Leash is used to describe the technique in which another champion helps the Jungle to defeat the jungle monsters. This way, the process becomes faster and Jungle loses less of its life bar.


Freezar is the act of paralyzing the advance of your wave of minions, only delivering the last blow to ensure gold and experience. This will make it difficult for your opponent's farm as it will be exposed to your attacks.

Freezar is the act of paralyzing the advance of his troops in the League of Legends


Poke is the term used to describe small, non-lethal attacks on enemy champions. Usually these scams are dealt as an opponent advances toward a minion, and serve to drain your life slowly and facilitate an eventual gank.

Split Push

Slang is used to describe the strategy of focusing your efforts on defeating enemy troops as quickly as possible. Thus, it will be easier to get to the enemy tower and even knock it down while your team faces the other players.

Split Push consists of advancing the lane with the help of the minions


Smurfs are experienced players of the League of Legends who create new accounts in order to tackle novice or lower-level players. Considered a cheat by many, the technique is widely used to preserve your ranking when playing with friends.


CC is the singla for crowd control, or group control. These are skills that affect the mobility of opposing champions, such as paralysis, stunning, rooting, slowness, provocation, and throwing.


Engage has exactly the same meaning as initiation, which is to start a fight against the opposing team using one or more skills, usually crowd control, and taking advantage of its effect to invest against the champion.


Ace is a term used to describe when a whole team is eliminated. It is an important achievement for one of the teams to successfully eliminate the rival team in a match of LoL.


When a team member protects an ally so he can do damage, the act is known as Peel. It is an important means of protection to increase the potential for harm to one of the team members.

The Riot website has a complete official glossary where you can search for the word you have questions and find out the meaning.

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